Applications of Complex Numbers

Complex numbers are basically defined as the combination of one real number and its addition with the imaginary number. Normally the real time solution are equal to the applications of the complex number. The complex number applications are seen in various forms are given below. Let us see about the topic is applications of complex number with some explanation.Definition to Complex Numbers:
Let us see about uses of complex numbers,
The location of all complex numeral is normally denoted by C. Although extra details can be use, complex numbers are often written in the form of term.
a + bi
Somewhere a and b are real numbers, and i is the make-believe part, which have the property i 2 = −1. The real number a is also called as the actual factor of the complex numeral, and the real numeral b is the imaginary number.Applications of Complex Numbers:
In two dimensional planes, to stand for the position of the thing is used in the complex number. In two dimensional, there are integers of types of quantities like displacements, velocity, acceleration, momentum, represents the complex number.
There does not look to be several difficulty with F = m a
Where F and a are complex numbers
And m is a scalar.Basic Properties of Complex Numbers:
Let us see about uses of complex numbers,
The process of the complex numbers is division by properly applies the associative, commutative and distributive rules of algebra, together with the equation i 2 = −1:
(a +bi)+(c +di) = (a +c) + (b +d)i
(a +bi) – (c +di) = (a-c) + (b-d)i
(a +bi) (c +di) = ac + bci + adi + bdi2 = (ac – bd) + (bc + ad) i


Where c and d are not mutually zero. This is obtain by multiply together the above digit and the below number by the conjugate of the denominator c + di, other one is (c − di).